Hope 4 Tyler and Luke
Tyler and Luke are 5 years apart.  They each were born with delayed white matter in the brain.  They did not meet milestones.  They were born with poor eye focus and control, poor trunk and head control, spasticity of the extremities.  All aspects of daily living are affected.    The boys started life with many difficulties in swallowing and eating, gastrointestinal issues daily, screaming spells almost continuously and reflux symptoms.  Tyler and Luke look normal.  Through a picture, you cannot tell at all that they have Special Needs, only that they love to SMILE! 

​God answered our prayer in May 2013 when we received a diagnosis from the National Institutes of Health.  We are a miracle case.  2nd case worldwide.  New to medical science. It was unexpected.  We fully believe that Luke is Tyler's angel.  He was sent here to help Tyler to get a diagnosis because we prayed for an answer.  My dad passed ten days before Luke was born and he said he was going to ask for answers and reasons for Tyler when he got to the gates of heaven.   He loved Tyler so very much!   We prayed and trusted the Lord.  We had hope but much time had passed and we were discouraged.  We are now reminded that God answers our prayer in HIS time, not ours.  We are blessed to be on this journey.  We have met some amazing people along the way and our paths would not have crossed otherwise.  We have an exciting story to share and are overwhelmed with the support, encouragement and prayers recently from complete strangers and of course all of our dear friends and family, especially through our Facebook page.    And we will always remember that "Through the storm, you do not walk alone."  Even when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, God is there shining bright.  You just have to keep moving forward. 

​​ We wouldn't change our lives for any others.  Although our family, as a whole, struggles daily in one way or another, we love so much that it's all worth it.  Tyler and Luke's brothers (Noah and Aiden) provide us with the "normal" child's life.  Tyler and Luke provide the whole family with love that's overflowing!  We hope we have touched your life in some way through sharing our story. 

​​May God Bless You!

Tyler, Luke, Aiden, Noah, Jill and Brian!​​

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